Saturday, June 13, 2009


We were hearing that Indians are being attacked in America for the last few months. Now its the turn of Australia. In a fresh incident of racial attack on Indians in Australia, a 25-year old student was stabbed here, even as another youth from Andhra Pradesh was battling for life after an assault by local teenagers. There is an another incident of beaten up of Indian student, 20-year-old Amrit Pal Singh from Haryana by a group of youths today. He is the 10th victim to be assaulted within a space of a month. Still this count goes on increasing. The assurances of Govt of Australia are not adhere by the local youth and they were continuously attacking the Indian students. The Govt of India has to take stern action and should send serious threatens to Australia against these attacks, failing which all the Indian who are abroad have to return their mother land.No one wish to die and beaten up by other countrymen in abroad.The Govt have to show what Indians means and what will happen if any Indian attacked. Another wise no Indian will survive at abroad. One of the victim of the attack said that they believed that the city was a safe place to live, but was now convinced that Indian nationals are being targeted as easy prey. Definitely there should be an end to such type of attacks on Indians. Why Indian were targeting everywhere ? What is the reason behind it ?

As far as my knowledge is concerned that Indians are spreading all over the world and they are being recognized everywhere with their skill, talent and knowledge. Its causing jealously to co-workers or students who unable to beat the Indian with their talent. Whats ur opinion, plz post ur comments here..

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