Monday, June 1, 2009


Till now we have seen SACHIN only as the batting maestro.But having taken inspiration from his late father (RameshTendulkar) on social responsibilities, he said he will sponsor the education of 200 children, who are part of a Non-Governmental Organisation. He is already looking after welfare of 200 children from the same NGO Apnalaya. So, now Tendulkar to double the educational charity He said he always looked up to his father in trying to understand his social responsibilities. What a dad he had!!! He said that his dad is his inspiration. He mentioned in a press conference that "Whoever turned up at our house, be it the watchman or the postman, would not be allowed to leave without having a cup of tea, which my father served," he said, adding "These incidents taught me all about caring for others. I have learnt from my father and I'm proud of it". Really its good to follow him in these activities rather than sports and am his great fan of these works.

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  1. Its true my friend. you are correct. really we should follow him and make our contribution as per our level for the welfare of the students like this..they are not the stones: they are the pillars of future and be proud to be a part of making it