Thursday, June 4, 2009


The steering wheel in a formula one car is one of the most complex parts of the car. The steering wheel has evolved over time and allows the driver to adjust and tune almost every aspect of the car while driving. Except the throttle and the brake, all other controls are on the steering wheel. After the introduction of the semi-automatic gear changes in formula one, came the paddles for shifting gears. They also contain controls for selecting neutral gear, car to pit communication, a button for releasing liquid through a tube in the helmet for the driver to replenish his fluid levels, adjusting traction control, regulating engine performance and regulating pit lane speed.Even the front-to-rear brake bias and fuel mixture can be altered to allow the driver to adjust to changing race conditions. Among the most recent additions to the steering wheel are the boost button and controls for the moveable front wing. The steering also has lights indicating the perfect time for optimum gear shift. The steering is designed to concentrate controls as close to the driver’s fingers as possible. The steering can be clipped on and it is removed when the driver gets in or gets off the car.

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