Thursday, May 28, 2009


Indian tennis ace Sania Mirza has got engaged to a Hyderabad-based businessman but her family Sania's engagements ruled out an immediate wedding or early retirement for the star.The 22-year-old, who is the most successful woman tennis player of the country, will continue playing the game and her father Imran Mirza said it will take a while before the two families decide on when the wedding would take place.“This is to confirm that Sania Mirza is engaged to Mr. Muhammad Sohrab Mirza, whose family hails from the city of Hyderabad. Although not related, the two families have had friendly ties for several decades. However, the wedding is not expected to take place for a while,” Imran Mirza said. “I would like to state that the news appearing in certain sections of the media about the two maternal grandmothers having fixed the liaison is baseless. It has also been wrongly projected that Sania is contemplating early retirement from tennis. These reports are absolutely untrue,” he said.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


GOOGLE  is an American public corporation, earning revenue from advertisements related to it the internet search, online, e-mail, social networking, mapping and image & video sharing services as well as selling advertising-free versions of the technologies. It has also offered lot to the users to enable them to utilise the following sevices..

Google Translate

Translate text or even complete webpages into eleven languages (you can even translate from “simplified” Chinese to “traditional” Chinese). As with all online translators, this won’t give you a 100% accurate translation (online translators can’t grasp things like idioms and contexts) but if you want to buy those crates of AK-47 assault rifles from that online shop inNorth Korea, Google Translate will let you overcome that Korean language barrier.

Google News

Google News has been around for a while and is old-hat to many. But how many of you knew that you could customise the page to only see the news you want to see? Or the fact you can set up customised RSS feeds for the news subjects that interest you? Never miss another news story about Paris Hilton ever again. You can also use the news archieve to find very old news stories, either scanned pages of publications or online sources. Some free, others not.

Google Pack

If you know an internet newbie who has not so much knowledge of the internet and software products, Google Pack provides an excellent software package to start with (although I personally wouldn’t choose Norton and Real Player).

Google Blog Search

One of my personal favourites as it helps me to find current blogs on my favourite subjects. Find blogs catering to various subjects. Want to know if anybody shares your overwhelming passion for navel lint by blogging about it? GBS will help you out.

Google Co-Op

Allows you to customize Google search results with your own self-rolled search engines. You can also provide information from your website as subscribed link or if you are a specialist in a particular subject area, you can even label & categorise search information which other people can click on. Again, this is another way you can actively help in making search much better.

Google Code

This one is for the computer geeks (of which I am a honorary member). Allows you to find and download source codes and developers API's to make mashups for Google products.

Google Labs

My favourite online playground (although the offerings at the moment are a little dull). This is where new Google products are first given the beta label and unleashed onto an unsuspecting world for testing and commenting. If you try something out in Google Labs, you are invited to email the Google team involved with comments / suggestions / complaints. The way I see it, this is a good way to influence future Google products by getting involved in a product’s development. How many Google users use Google products but don’t bother to provide any creative input to make them better? Next time a Google product doesn’t go as planned, don’t complain on a forum - contact Google and offer constructive advice & criticism!

Google Patent Search

If you’re in business and you’ve developed a hot new invention, don’t you want to check first to see if anybody got in there before you and filed a patent? Google Patent Search will show you the patent applications for pretty much everything so you can see right away if you are the sole inventor of the combined coat hanger and cigarette lighter.

Google Alerts

Want to know if anybody has been talking about you online? Maybe somebody trashed your website by insulting it in a forum? Or a disgruntled customer to your online shop made disparaging remarks in their blog? By setting up a Google Alert (with pre-defined search terms), you will get an email with links anytime Google finds something matching your keywords. Britney Spears probably has one set up now with the keywords “Britney” and “MTV Music Awards”.

Google Catalogs

Guys rejoice! (and women too). Want to buy some Victoria’s Secret lingerie? Or perhaps a new light-sabre is in order for you trusty Jedi Knights? Google now offers the chance to browse through scanned pages of catalogs and magazines such as GQ and Cosmopolitan to find products you might be looking for. No more raking in bins looking for catalogs of women in bikinis - Google now gives them to you online! 

Google Video & Image Search

Search and watch millions of videos indexed from all over the web. Upload and share videos with the world. It becomes more popular among people of all ages. Google Image Search. The most comprehensive image search on the web. Enhance to view the images uploaded all over the world. 

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a new browser  for Windows that combines a minimal design with sophisticated technology to make the web faster, safer, and easier.

Geocoding It is the process of converting addresses (like "1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA") into geographic coordinates (like latitude 37.423021 and longitude -122.083739), which you can use to place markers or position the map. The Google Maps API includes a Geocoding service that can be accessed directly via an HTTP request or by using a GClientGeocoder object.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


The glorious IPL '09 has come to an end and the DLF IPL Trophy in the second seoson was bagged by Deccan Chargers who were in the last position in the list last year. Its a good comeback. Deccan Chargers staged a remarkable fightback to upstage Royal Challengers Bangalore by six runs in a nail-biting final and win the second edition of the Indian Premier League..Thus the second edition of the IPL in South Africa came to a close...Adam Gilchrist exhibited awesome performance and with an overall performace from the Deccan Chargers they were able to lift the IPL trophy...Andrew Symonds also played a wonderful innings.. But it seems to be a tough competion for them. At this time we should really congratulate Royal Challengers Bangalore for their work in the second part of the second season with consecutive five wins though they won only one out of first five matches. Hats off to both the teams

Monday, May 25, 2009


Want to save energy??? Then go for Blackle... It is a non-profit website powered by google custom search, which aims to save energy by displaying a black background color for search results.The basic concept behind Blackle is that monitors can be made to consume less energy by displaying much darker colors. Blackle is based on a study which tested a variety of  both the CRT AND LCD monitors . Dispute over whether there really are any energy saving effects.This concept was first brought to the attention  by a post in blog, which estimated that Google could save 750.0 MWatt -hours a year by utilizing it for the CRT screens. The  Blackle homepage provides a count of the number of MWatt -hours that have supposedly been saved by enabling this concept.

Sunday, May 24, 2009


Now you are looking at the Trojan horse in the picture. As a Trojan horse which is also briefly known as Trojans, is a computer program that is disguised as a useful application is in the background but without the knowledge of the user does a different function which would otherwise cause damage to the computer or any applications. A Trojan horse belongs to the family of unwanted or malicious programs, known as malware. It is also popularly known computer viruses, as well as a generic term for backdoors and rootkits used, but not as much as the term Trojan, which has gained popularity and importance due to the damage it can cause to a particular computer if installed.The name is from the Trojan horse of mythology where the attacker gets access to a protected system provided by it, disguised as something useful. Due to the common short form “Trojan” is from the mythological origin, because the Greeks were the attackers, who built the horse and used, the Trojans (i.e., the inhabitants of Troy), however, were the victims. These Trojans can act as a malicious program which would damage a computer or gain access to some of our personal info like bank info, credit card info, etc. These Trojans can be prevented if we use a reliable antivirus or antimalware softwares.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Google has become the first $100bn brand, according to a new report from research and marketing firm Millward Brown Optimor (29 April 2009). The company’s latest BrandZ: Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands places Google firmly at top of the tree.
The rankings are created through an analysis of the dollar value of a brand, combined with research on a consumer practices. Google is followed by Microsoft, with a $76bn value, and Coca-Cola with $67bn.

North American – Top 5 by Brand Value :
#..... Brand.............. Brand Value $M
1......Google............. 100,039
2......Microsoft........ 76,249
3......Coca-Cola....... 67,625

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam supremo Velupillai Prabhakaran was shot dead on Monday by Sri Lankan special forces as he tried to stage a dramatic breakout from the army encirclement, a military spokesman said. The army is withholding an official announcement till a DNA test of the bodies is conducted. His closest associates, LTTE intelligence chief Pottu Amman and Sea Tigers chief Soosoi were also killed. The body of 24-year-old Anthony(his son), chief of LTTE's air wing, was found during mopping up operations in the last rebel-held territory in the no-fire zone on Monday morning. The over three-decades old conflict for a separate Tamil State, waged by the LTTE, left more than 70,000 dead in pitched battles, suicide attacks, bomb strikes and assassinations. Prabhakaran was very clear about his demand for an Tamil Eelam and asked his cadres to shoot him if he ever swayed away from it..But he failed to realise the ground realities because of his 'intransigence and lack of understanding of the geo-political reality.' Also he failed to use the military might to benefit the Tamil community. He pushed the Tamils into an abyss. 

உரக்க சொல்லுங்கள் பிரபாகரன் இறந்துவிட்டான் என்று ஆனால் அவர் என்றும் இறக்க மாட்டார் எங்கள் நெஞ்சிலிருந்து.. விடியல் ஒரு நாள் வரும் தமிழனின் கடைசி உயிர் உள்ள வரை ..

Eventhough Prabhakaran made some bad decisions he didnt betrayed india on any of the occasion. he called india as father land but all this politicians betrayed him by using his name alone for the  f…..e vote and for their street. Prabhakaran acted as a barrier and he not allowed any alqueda and pakistani terrorists to attack india. after him all this south india is surely unsecured. Atleast now let the Tamil Nadu politicians stop their unseless arguments. We request tamilnadu politicians please don't use "tamil elam" in future and stop your useless arguments & politics .


A bookie calls Shane Warne before the match between Kolkata KnightRiders and Rajasthan Royals. Cell phone rings. Warne picks up.

 Warne : hello
Bookie : I am ….... Here.          Warne : yes tell me                     
Bookie : I want u to loose today’s match                                            Warne : impossible         Bookie : I will pay u $200,000            Warne : will be difficult  to make KKR win.        Bookie : I will pay u $250,000                          Warne : May be I  could help you by reducing the margin…                         Bookie : no KKR should win                                    Warne : OK. I will try my best

Bookie : no make it.
Warne : OK.
Bookie : what will be the score
Warne : 200, if we bat first
Bookie : no make it 120Warne : Impossible. Agarkar and Kartik are playing.

Bookie : 120 no change.
Warne : I will try
Bookie : OK. If KKR bat first
Warne : 110
Bookie : no make it 175Warne : no u are asking too much. Ganguli is playing.
Bookie : OK make it $300,000
Warne : This would be the toughest match in my life                                                                   Bookie : OK, deal is made.

Warne : yesBookie : bye.
Match starts KKR bats first. KKR score only 120 in 20 overs. 

During the lunch break Shane’s cell rings.

Warne : hello
Bookie : its me. why did KKR score only 120. Our deal was 175.
Warne : What can I do ? They run one when they could run three, defend full toss, get out on wide balls, all catches a

 shots… I mean, if there is any… exactly directed to the fielders. But I will tell you this, Knight Riders are too good at this , I tried re-arranging the field…but they never miss a fielder.
Bookie : still u could bowl more no-balls. We got only 53 extras.
Warne : I asked all my bowlers to bowl badly. I also made Smith and Asnodkar bowl.
Bookie : Okay… leave that… I want u to loose the match.
Warne : I will try.
Bookie : Rajasthan Royals should be all out for 110
Warne : OK.
Bookie : bye.
Rajasthan Royals bats. They are making a serious attempt to not hit the ball and if at all they hit trying their best to hit to the fielders. They try to run only singles for doubles. But sometimes, they can’t stop themselves from running.
All Rajasthan Royals batsmen charged down to Kartik’s bowling and they purposely miss the ball hoping at least one
would hit the stumps. But they got to run a bye for that as McCullum is still searching for the ball . Inspite of the bad display of batting, they score 118 of 19 overs. Last over, 3 runs
required, the worst part is that its an Agarkar over. Warne is batting with Carseldine. Bookie gets really furious.

Warne is ready to face the last over his cell rings (he plays with his cell).
Warne : hello
Bookie : its me! . What are you upto ?
Warne : We tried the best we could
Bookie : OK forget it. I want u to loose the match
Warne : what can I do. Fate !!! Agarkar is bowling
Bookie : I don’t know… u a
re loosing

Agarkar bowls… Warne tries to hide his bat behind his back. But the ball hits the bat and goes to third man. So they take a single.
(cell rings)
Warne : sorry what can I do I was hiding my bat but still the ball comes and hit my bat. If I play much worse than this everybody will
 find out.

Bookie : (gets really tensed). OK I can understand. But please don’t take last two runs.

Warne talks to Carseldine. Agarkar bowls… a juicy full toss. Carseldine uses all his batting skills to restrict that one to a single. Scores are level.
(cell rings)
Bookie : OK. Past is past. Atleast finish it in a tie. I don’t know what u are going to do u are not taking a single or u give u’r bat to the umpire.
Warne : OK. OK. Don’t worry this time I will! see to it we are not taking the single. Let it be obvious also. I am not taking the single.

Agarkar bowls, unfortunately he bowls a no ball. RR wins the match.
Bookie goes mad and Shane war
ne faints in the field itself

  Warne: Am ready to be a female but cant make KKR to win...

Moral – With a team like KKR, who nee
ds to fix a match

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It is a practical guide to using Wordtracker to conduct keyword research for an online business. With Wordtracker, you can drive traffic to your site by using the words people use when they’re searching, write great website copy by incorporating terms that people immediately identify, plan profitable pay-per-click campaigns by building up a broad range of keyword phrases that will capture your market, develop great content ideas that directly address your customers’ needs, understand your customers’ behavior and concerns by analyzing the words that they use,measure the size of a potential online market by the number of searches conducted.

If it has to be explained in short, "if you use the correct terminology, you get NO search engine traffic,if you write useful stuffs & see wat happens...you will get only SOME search engine traffic...but IF YOU USE THE WORDS WHAT PEOPLE  USE TO SEARCH,  YOU WILL GET PLENTY OF SEARCH ENGINE TRAFFIC...."

To know more about this, click the following link


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Finally  the political drama has come to an end and Mr. MANMOHAN SINGH proved again himself as a king. He became the symbol of a dormant collective aspiration for governmental stability, administrative performance and decency in public life. He was capable of packing a counter punch when he did join issue with Mr. Advani on leadership. Over the past five years, Dr. Singh succeeded in calming the nation’s collective nerves, especially in the face of repeated terror attacks.Now his presence as Prime Minister seemed to have had a reassuring impact way beyond New Delhi’s chatterati. As a group of Muslims in eastern Uttar Pradesh told a colleague: “Sixteen major banks have failed in the United States;not a single Indian bank has folded up all because we have had Manmohan Singh as P M.”


Vishnuvardhan, Yuvan combo has done once again after the tremendous victory in BILLA. "Adada VAA" song is catchy. Yuvan mark the melody is "Siragugal" sung by Javed Ali and Madhu Sree.Both male and female voices are pathetic. However, i feel the best song on the album is "Katrukulle Vasam". With great orchestration and a good voice, "Suttal Suriyanai" is another number. Yuvan form uses "Megaman Karukkudhu Mazhai rod paakkuddhu" line is simply beautiful. Great song! I suppose, Shankar Mahadevan's voice could be a suitable option for this song."Neethane" is a good melody is spoiled again by the voice of Yuvan. Pa. Vijay letter are beautiful. Give it a listen. You might like it.Aah ... There is a theme song. Yuvan never fails when it comes to issues of music. But this time it does. The issue is not really the music are rather reminds Billa theme at times. 

enjoy d SARVAM music by clicking

ANUSAT ( Anna University Satellite)

ANUSAT  ( Anna University Satellite) is the first University Satellite of India to be launched by Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV). The micro satellite developed by the Anna University carries a Store and Forward Payload. It weighs about  40 Kg. Apart from this secondary payloads are MEMS Gyro, MEMS Magnetometer and Satellite Positioning System. ISRO supports development of Micro satellites in universities for technology development and space science studies.This is to induce enthusiasm among university students interest in space technology education programmes. ANUSAT is launched into 41 degree inclined orbit. Major accomplishments of student community are Design and build a spacecraft by the university.


I had an autorun.inf on my computer,my AVAST antivirus keeps on telling me that i had it on my computer..everytime when i scan my computer it tells that it didnt have virus..but i couldnt remove it..Then i found a remedy for this problem.. By adopting the following steps, i removed 'autorun.inf' completely.....

·                                                Best Solution

It is caused by virus (I don’t remember the name, these virus names is never so easy to remember). But this same virus will put the text “Hacked By Godzilla” in the Title bar on IE.

1-2. double click on My computer on Desktop ,
- choose Tool and select “Folder options”
- click on “View” tap select “Show Hidden files and folders” and un hake "Hide Extension...."
- and “Hide protected operating system file” (this selections are important to find the files you need to delete)
- then click "OK"

3. open Windows Task Manager (ctrl-alt-del) and select the “Processes” tap
- Click on "Image name" to sort File
- find “wscript.exe” and click on “End Process” (if there is more than one process with that name you have to end all of them)
- close the “Task Manager”

4. then you will click on Start and select “Search” and search for “autorun.inf” (Search the computer)
- you will then delete all the files that contains the text (the virus) by pressing: SHIFT + DELETE. (There of course should not be Autorun.inf in the C rooth).
5. you will also delete the virus from the system (C:\WINDOWS\ MS32DLL.dll.vbs) by pressing: SHIFT + DELETE
6. Next step is to edit the Register (Like always you have to be very care fool in the registry tools. Some mistake there can crash your computer)
- first, click on “Start” and select “Run” and type in “Regedit” and press “Enter”.
- select HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE --> Software -->Microsoft -->Windows --> Current Version --> Run.
- find there “MS32DLL” and delete that entry.
7. Then select HKEY_CURRENT_USER --> Software --> Microsoft --> Internet Explorer -->
Main. There you find “Window Title “Hacked by Godzilla”” and you should delete that entry. You can close the registry now. 
8. next you will click on Start --> Run and type in “gpedit.msc” and press “Enter”. then you will open “Group Policy”.
- there you will select User Configuration --> Administrative Templates --> System --> and there you will double click on “Turn Off Autoplay”
- in the window there you should select “Enabled” and select “All drives” (they say in this Thai webside that select all turn of Autoplay will be safer for not getting viruses). Now you can close the Group Policy.

9. Next you will click on Start --> Run and type “msconfig” and press “Enter”.
- you will open “System Configuration Utility”.
- click on “Startup” tap
- find the file MS32DLL, choose Enable All, then unhake "MS32DLL"
- click Apply then OK to close
- then you will exit the “System Configuration Utility” and select “Exit Without Restart” when prompt.
10. After this you double click on My Computer and select “Tools” and “Folder Options” and “View” tap to change back there.
- select "Hide Extension..." and “Hide protected operating system file” and “Don’t show hidden files and folders”.
- then you will empty the “Recycle bin” and “Restart” your computer.

This helps me with my computer and I don’t get any “Autoplay” on my hard drive now.

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