Sunday, May 24, 2009


Now you are looking at the Trojan horse in the picture. As a Trojan horse which is also briefly known as Trojans, is a computer program that is disguised as a useful application is in the background but without the knowledge of the user does a different function which would otherwise cause damage to the computer or any applications. A Trojan horse belongs to the family of unwanted or malicious programs, known as malware. It is also popularly known computer viruses, as well as a generic term for backdoors and rootkits used, but not as much as the term Trojan, which has gained popularity and importance due to the damage it can cause to a particular computer if installed.The name is from the Trojan horse of mythology where the attacker gets access to a protected system provided by it, disguised as something useful. Due to the common short form “Trojan” is from the mythological origin, because the Greeks were the attackers, who built the horse and used, the Trojans (i.e., the inhabitants of Troy), however, were the victims. These Trojans can act as a malicious program which would damage a computer or gain access to some of our personal info like bank info, credit card info, etc. These Trojans can be prevented if we use a reliable antivirus or antimalware softwares.

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