Saturday, May 2, 2009


Recently there has been considerable interest in applications of small unmanned helicopters.Most of research was concentrated on achieving greater autonomy using imaging sensors to perform a navigation task . One interesting feature of small-size unmanned helicopters is their outstanding maneuverability, because they are not constrained by human presence onboard. Avionics system is implemented to achieve high-bandwidth feedback control, robust to modeling errors and gusts. Basically Avionics means "aviation electronics". It is an electronic system used on aircraft, artificial satellites and spacecraft for communication, navigation and the display management of multiple systems. Safety, high bandwidth requirement for flight control system & adequate sensor information were key factors in designing the avionics package.
Aircraft avionics
The cockpit of an aircraft is a major location for avionic equipment, including control, monitoring, communication, navigation, weather, and anti-collision systems. The majority of aircraft drive their avionics using 14 or 28 V DC electrical systems; however military combat aircraft have AC systems operating at 400 Hz, rather than the more common 50 and 60 Hz of North American home electrical devices. There are several major vendors of flight avionics like Honeywell, Rockwell Collins, Thales Group, Garmin, Avidyne Corporation.

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