Monday, May 18, 2009


It is a practical guide to using Wordtracker to conduct keyword research for an online business. With Wordtracker, you can drive traffic to your site by using the words people use when they’re searching, write great website copy by incorporating terms that people immediately identify, plan profitable pay-per-click campaigns by building up a broad range of keyword phrases that will capture your market, develop great content ideas that directly address your customers’ needs, understand your customers’ behavior and concerns by analyzing the words that they use,measure the size of a potential online market by the number of searches conducted.

If it has to be explained in short, "if you use the correct terminology, you get NO search engine traffic,if you write useful stuffs & see wat happens...you will get only SOME search engine traffic...but IF YOU USE THE WORDS WHAT PEOPLE  USE TO SEARCH,  YOU WILL GET PLENTY OF SEARCH ENGINE TRAFFIC...."

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