Thursday, June 18, 2009


Brain tumors can now be treated with pin point radiation. A new technique can destroy small brain tumors and abnormally formed blood vessels without making an incision in the skull. And when you don’t cut open the skull, the patient heals much, much faster than after ordinary surgery.

The patient lies on a surgical table with his head immobilized in a metal ring. The surgical team plots the location of the tumor or blood vessel in relation to the ring by using a CAT scanner or magnetic imaging device. Once the target is located, the patient is moved under a special X-ray machine mounted to a rotating turret. The machine shoots a precise x-ray beam at the patient’s head, through the target area. The turret rotates slightly as it continuously beams radiation from different angles. The procedure continues for about 30 minutes. The patient feels nothing. And the tumor or vessels receive a cumulative dose of radiation, while the surrounding tissue has received a very minimal dose. In the case of tumor, the tissue dies and scars over in a few weeks to months. Blood vessel abnormalities can take up to two or three years to completely disappear. But in either case, usually no further treatment is needed.(So u can use the brain without any fear-haha....just 4 fun)

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